10 Common Mistakes First Time Travelers Would Want To Avoid


We understand it – first time travelers abroad feel too excited to embark on a wonderful adventurethat they sometimes make mistakes that may be costly or at times, life threatening. But if you know thebasic things to avoid, you can make the most of your vacation overseas. You will end up with pureenjoyment and ditch […]

5 Tips For Staying Safe Outside On Christmas Season


Christmas is a special time of year, especially for those who are in Inverness City. Everyone coming to the city will enjoy the busiest time of the year as they go shopping, wandering around the Christmas Village, admiring the lights in the City Centre, ice skating, or watching festivals happening on the streets. There’s just […]

The Eight Travel Personas

Group of Tourist

You’ll encounter these types of travelers wherever you are; whether you’re chilling on river cruises or in transit on a plane, you’re bound to bump into at least one of these people. Number 1: The late comer “Final call for boarding for Mr. or Ms. (state passengers name)” is blared through the speaker’s multiple times […]