8 Things Travelers Should Do When Riding Taxi Abroad

8 Things Travelers Should Do When Riding Taxi Abroad

Are you travelling abroad but you’re scared of riding a taxi? Are you afraid that you’ll get scammed? Well, you’re not alone. Travellers who don’t pre-book their taxi often feel this way. So we give you tips on how to stay safe while riding cabs on your international trip.Riding taxis in a foreign location can be frightening most especially when you are a woman, and you decide to go on a solo backpacking adventure. It’s more probable too since you don’t have any idea on what the right taxi fare rate is or the roads around the town. But there are a couple of taxi safety tips to help make the process an easy one for any traveller.But on the other hand, a taxi serves as an invaluable source of more reliable transportation compared to getting into buses or trains. It is also more convenient than renting cars and driving on your own. Taxi drivers can also help you get to the best tourist attractions like museums, parks, resorts, and the like. So don’t eliminate riding taxis during your trip just because you are anxious about your safety.The best way to stay safe when riding a cab on your international travel is by finding the right taxi company that you can hire.

Inverness Taxis Cab Services

Travelling to Inverness this time of the year up until the next summer season is great timing. Christmas in Scotland is especially unique and when winter is over, spring comes in which we honestly think is the best timing to take a vacation in the country.Pre-booking a taxi via Inverrness Taxis app requires just a few clicks. We are among the most preferred taxi service in the Highlands for decades now and are top rated on Tripadvisor.Being in the industry for so long, we’ve seen risks that travellers can face during their travel. So we came up with a list of safety tips that can serve as your guide in your next and upcoming Inverness trip.

How to Stay Safe in a Taxi Ride Abroad
1. Know The Rate Beforehand

Do your research and try to find out about taxi fare estimates from the airport to your hotel or from the hotel to the tourist spots you’d like to visit. It’s easy to Google these rates or find reviews that specifies the estimated rates. If you have a friend in Inverness, then it will be more accurate.But for your reference, the normal taxi rate for the 20-minute ride from the Inverness Airport to the city centre or vice versa is £18 in a 4-pax taxi capacity. It can be more expensive, though, during peak hours in the morning (when people go to work) and the afternoon (when people get off from work). The tariff for the extra time spent during traffic can cost around £20. As for 8-pax capacity taxis, it costs around £25 from Inverness Airport to the City Center and higher during peak hours and weekends.

2. Research about the Places You’re Visiting

How far are the places you want to visit from your hotel? How much did travellers who had the same itinerary spend on taxi fares? What are the right routes going to those places?These are the things you should research about so you’ll have a clear idea on what fare rate you should be paying for.It can still go down, though, when drivers know some shortcuts. But if you feel like he’s intentionally taking you in an isolated road, get out at the first instant.It will be helpful to have some kind of GPS app for you to know whether you’re being taken to the right place or your driver is just taking you in circles.

3. Pre Book A Taxi Instead Of Hailing One

This is among the best taxi safety tips for travellers to use when they go abroad. You probably can’t tell how safe a taxi is when you’re just hailing them from the roadside so it’s better to find a reputable Inverness taxi services provider so you’d feel confident that you’re safe.Ask your hotel to book the ride for you or research for the best company to take the service from. This is the best way to stay safe taking taxis in a foreign location.

4. Keep An Eye Out For The Meter, Plate Number, Etc.

See to it that the taxi you take has a working meter and legit business permits. If anything seems off, do not take the taxi.This is why pre-booking a taxi while in Inverness keeps you the safest. Taxis in a taxi service company re surely with legit papers, and working equipment like radio, meters, and GPS.

5. Always Sit In The Backseat

This is among the top taxi safety tips for travellers anywhere in the world. You need not sit in the front passenger seat of a taxi even if you happen to be a guy. Always sit towards the middle in the backseat. This will keep you a bit out of focus of the driver as well as thieves that may pass your cab.

6. Look Out for Your Valuables

Among the topmost taxi safety tips for travellers is to make sure your valuables are hidden well. Never wear costly jewellery as that makes you an easy target. Instead, keep it hidden in your purse or bag and wear it at the party or club when you get there. Also, if you’re carrying a bag, keep it at your feet instead of on the seat so that it can’t be snatched away easily.

7. Keep the Windows Rolled Up

When travelling in another country, be sure to roll up your window so no one can snatch your bag or phone from you. Also, keep your phone in hand and have so in case you need to call someone in an emergency, it will be easy for you to make the call. Also, when the driver sees that you are ready to make a call, it will deter him from misbehaving.If you think that the driver is acting suspiciously, make a fake call and make him hear as if you are telling someone about the details of the taxi you just rode in to.

8. Have Emergency Contacts On Speed-Dial

You must know whom to call in the country in case of an emergency. Put the local police number on number one and the hotel manager on the second spot. If you have a friend residing in the country then place his number on the third. You can also make a quick call to someone back home and they’ll notify the authorities at your destination.

Final Words

Follow these tips and you’ll surely be safe on your international trip. And remember to not flag a cab when you are drunk. Call your hotel manager to arrange a pickup in this case.Pre book your taxi with Inverness Taxis for a safer transportation service when you are in your Inverness vacation.

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