Clarity Walk – No Phone Walks in Nature

Read on to learn more about the wonderful work Clarity Walk is doing for local people’s mental and physical well-being.

The detrimental effect screens, phones and digital technology can have on our mental and physical health is something that is well documented. The pandemic has brought this into sharp focus, with many of us finding screens looming ever larger in our daily lives more than ever before, as well as living more isolated lives.

If you’re finding yourself living life by the light of a screen and feeling a sense of isolation, then a Clarity Walk may be the breath of fresh air you need!

What is a Clarity Walk?

Clarity Walk is a local Inverness charitable organisation founded by Matt Wallace that seeks to help people feel less stressed, happier and feel more connected with their ‘No Phone’ nature walks and retreats.

Their mission is to support people across Scotland to reconnect with each other and with nature. They want to help improve the health and wellbeing of locals through walking and talking without the distraction of phones. 

They provide group walks, 1to1 walks with one of their guides, as well as team-building outings for groups.

A group walk is led by their experienced walk leaders who are there to help those on the walk feel connected through walking and talking. Based in Inverness/Nairnshire, they have group walks all through the week for all abilities, including walks for those with mobility restrictions.

They walk through wonderful local settings such as Cawdor Woods, Ness Islands, the Caledonian Canal, Torbreck Woods, Clachnaharry pier, as well as many more!

The Benefits of Clarity Walks

Discover a new way of walking: Take a break from your phone to simply walk and talk for an hour to fully relax, connect with others and enjoy nature without distraction.

​Multiple health benefits: GPs and counsellors recognise the health benefits of our walks for both physical and mental health and even refer patients to Clarity Walk as treatment.

​Walks at any time: As well as the regular group walks Mon-Sat you can arrange to go a walk with another member in the group using their booking system.

​Enjoy a Casual walking group: There is no pressure to be a certain fitness level as there are walks to suit all abilities, including one for those with mobility restrictions.

​Feel welcome as soon as you join: Enjoy a friendly group who are easy to connect with as they are non-judgemental, understanding and very supportive.

​Become more motivated: Join the exclusive Facebook group which provides self-help tips, walk pictures, videos, new walking routes, and challenges.

Clarity Walk Events

Reducing social isolation is a big part of Clarity Walk’s ethos. and they are now bringing social events to the Inverness community.

To help people connect outwit the regular walks, they have arranged a pub quiz on Friday the 22nd of October at Sobar. This event will help bring people together in a comfortable setting to interact and have fun.

Entry is free and the prize is the coveted Clarity Walk trophy and bragging rights until the next quiz! They’ll also be tray bakes and a raffle to keep the party atmosphere going.

The event is free but ticketed. Secure your seat by clicking here.

How to Book a Clarity Walk

We at Inverness Taxis are a proud supporter of the work that Clarity Walk does and will continue to promote Matt and the team’s great work!

To book your FREE initial Clarity Walk, just click on this link and fill in your details!

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