Driver Shortage – Pre-book Your Taxi Now

Wherever you live it’s advised to Pre-book your cab

The world has changed since 2019. We find ourselves in a wholly different economic and social landscape than we were in two years ago.

As a business owner, father, and grandfather I choose to look to the future with positivity. But in truth, we are living in complicated times. 

COVID-19 has caused a lot of upheaval in our community. If we look beyond the uncalculatable toll the loss of so many lives has had on the population, we will see that many complex issues we could not have envisioned a couple of years ago have crept into our daily reality.

Constant reports of the NHS being overloaded and increased waiting lists for both routine and life-saving treatments. Staff are being mistreated by the very people they’re trying to help. Railway and refuse collection strikes. The economy on its knees due to COVID-19 restrictions. Increased overheads, staff shortages, and now reports of girls getting spiked with needles on nights out?! The world seems a much harsher place than it was before the pandemic.

As a taxi company, we are not insulated from these inhospitable economic and social realities either.

Safety is the Priority

The priority for me is to help provide a safe cab service and our biggest challenge right now is to recruit enough drivers in order to meet the increasing demand for safe transport. I want to be able to provide a cab whenever a member of the public needs one. 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Due to the labour shortage, however, we are having to turn people away as we sometimes don’t have a driver available and quote a waiting time that just doesn’t work.

Not having enough drivers means there will be times when people who need our help to get home, to the hospital, or to wherever they need to be, won’t be able to get there.  I want my family and every member of the public to be able to go out and enjoy themselves. They shouldn’t have to worry about getting home or be worried about being left vulnerable for any amount of time, especially with reports of spiking on the rise.

In short, this driver shortage is putting people’s safety at risk whilst they wait for transport. It will also bring unscrupulous, unlicensed, rogue drivers out looking to capitalise on this situation. If you do find yourself in the position of having to wait for a taxi, please don’t be tempted to jump into a car without checking it’s a licensed one. It’s not worth the risk. Pre-book your taxi and avoid any risk.

It’s clear to me now that the Government needs to assist the industry to help recruit new drivers

Taxis In front of Inverness Castle

Don’t Be Left in the Cold – Pre-book Your Taxi Now

It’s Halloween weekend coming up, and hot on its heels will be the festive season. Traditionally this period is a very busy one for people socialising right across the country. As the weather gets worse and the desire to celebrate with our nearest and dearest increases, I can only advise people to start making their transportation arrangements now. Once the pubs and clubs are empty of revellers it’s going to be harder than ever to secure transport home in a realistic timeframe. We are estimating that waiting times for taxis of 1-2 hours at peak times if you’ve not pre-booked.

The rules have changed this winter. You can still get a taxi and we encourage you to do so especially if it’s late at night. But please book early to ensure you’re not faced with a lengthy wait braving the elements this Christmas period.

Perhaps organise a family member or friend to collect you if you can’t pre-book your taxi.

Don’t get into a vehicle unless you are 100% sure it’s a licenced one. Check there is a plate with a badge on it saying it’s licensed and ask to see the driver’s badge.

Fancy a Career Driving an Inverness Taxi?

Inverness Taxis are hiring drivers to help meet the growing demand for transport. Driving a taxi is a great career that will give you unlimited earning potential as well as a chance to meet new people and make sure that every day is different from the last. If you fancy a career driving with us and helping members of your community get to where they need to go, contact us now and we can help get you on the road to success in a career in transportation.

Inverness Taxi Number
Inverness Taxi Number

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