Top 5 Reasons to Hire E-bikes in Inverness

Electric Bikes (or e-bikes) are hugely popular these days and the appetite for e-bikes in Inverness is only growing. They replace the sting of cycling and replace it with speed and comfort. Allowing you to enjoy the journey rather than just look forward to the hills being behind you!

E-bikes give people of all abilities the opportunity to explore Scotland’s most beautiful sights and locations without being held back by the hills and bracing winds. 

E-bikes in Inverness

What Is An E-Bike?

An electric bike is built and operates just like a normal bicycle. But it has the handy addition of an electric motor and battery to assist with pedalling. There’s no throttle, but you can choose from several assistance levels – just like gears. That gives you the option of just a casual ride or something a little more taxing is a click away. E-bikes help users of all abilities ride faster, longer, and more comfortably.

Here are Inverness Taxis top 5 reasons why hiring E-bikes in Inverness for your holidays is the best move you’ll make all summer!

E-bikes Help You Ride Faster and Longer

There are fewer better things for you than getting out in the fresh air for some good exercise. This goes double for getting out there into the countryside and enjoying the vast areas of Highland green space. But not everyone has the confidence to paint on the lycra or the ability to tackle the peaks, valleys and beautiful sights around Inverness on a bike. This is where e-bikes come into their own.

The benefits of an ebike have all the advantages of cycling a normal bike. But with so much less strain on the body, leaving you to enjoy your surroundings. You can just focus on getting to the destination and admiring the views, come hills or high winds! E-bikes can have a range of up to 100miles depending on the terrain and model. This gives people of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy one of the best ways to experience Scotland without the training.

According to a recent study carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory, e-bike users are twice as likely as regular cyclists to use their bike for journeys. To ride an e-bike is reminiscent of being given a wee push by the guiding hand of a parent as you learn to ride a bike. The power is both a comfort and a convenience on your Scottish cycling holiday.

Exercise without the ExertionEbikes in Inverness

You could drive through the Highlands, getting out of your car just to visit a Castle or storm a quaint café. But you’ll never really taste the fresh Scottish air or feel the sun on your face. So, why not hire e-bikes in Inverness and experience every inch of Scotland? The journeys in Scotland are just as magnificent as the attractions. And you could enjoy those journeys whilst getting that much-needed exercise we’ve all been missing recently.

An e-bike will give you all the benefits of cycling in the Highlands without any of the training. Say goodbye to surprise cramps, or wheezing all the way through the Great Glen Way!

 Wild Weather in Scotland is a Breeze

Tackling climbs are an e-bike’s bread and butter. They’re fitted with a range of different power modes to assist your pedalling. So if you’re faced with a particularly gruelling climb, you can just select the e-bike motor’s highest setting and tackle that horrendous hill with the aplomb of a cycling superman! No longer do you have to suffer a sweaty hill -it’ll all be a breeze!

Talking of breezes, Scotland has some of the most persistent winds this side of your auntie’s ‘BBQ & Beans’ night. So anything that can cut through the gusts can only be a good thing. Having that all-important motor behind you can stifle the winds adverse effects on your cycling. That goes for any of the ‘testing weather’ that Scotland could throw at you at any minute.

Rain, snow, hail – sometimes we get all seasons in the space of a few hours. But an e-bike will have you leaving those pesky precipitations in the rear-view mirror.

Freedom to Explore Scotland

E-bikes make the ideal touring bikes. Their range can be up to 100 miles on a single charge and can be fitted with panniers. So you could tour the whole of the Highlands comfortably with all your equipment, stopping wherever you like to marvel at the landscape, visit a castle or café, or find the secret spots that are off the well-trodden tourist track that will make your adventure holiday in Scotland all the more special. 

The motor on your e-bike will help you ride the long distances more comfortably, as well as allow you the freedom to stop and taste Scotland at your own pace, rather than shoot past it in a car or miss it on a regimented guided tour.

E-bikes in Inverness are Fun!

Cycling is fun, as long as you aren’t straining through every push of the peddle! E-bikes are there to help you enjoy your ride, rather than just look forward to the destination. The motor on the bike will give you that extra wee push to be able to zoom about the Scottish countryside at your own pace, enjoying yourself and everything that a cycle tour of the Highlands has to offer.

Where to rent an E-bike in Inverness

You can rent e-bikes, paddleboards, and all sorts of great outdoor equipment at Tartan Adventure in Inverness. You can choose to rent an e-bike in Inverness, hire paddleboards and outdoor equipment rental in Inverness. Just drop into their Inverness city centre Tartan Adventure office or visit the Tartan Adventure website for more details.  

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