The Ultimate Guide to the Highland Shortbread Showdown 2024

The Culinary Celebration Returns

The Highland Shortbread Showdown, a culinary spectacle that swept through the Highlands in 2023, is making a grand return in March 2024. This event, a testament to both tradition and innovation in the world of shortbread, promises to be even more exhilarating. With an impressive lineup of destinations, entrants, and a panel of esteemed judges, the stage is set for an unforgettable show at the Highland Shortbread Showdown.

A Flourishing Legacy

Last year, the event saw participation from eight Highland destinations, drawing in 63 entrants and narrowing down to 21 finalists, ending with a single victor. This remarkable engagement showcased the area’s passion for shortbread, a staple of Scottish cuisine, and set a high bar for this year’s competition. The turnout of around 800 attendees further highlighted the community’s fervour for this beloved treat.

Stealing the Crown: A Challenge to Aspire

2023’s champion, Head Chef Paul from Mackenzies Bakery on the Isle of Skye, set a standard of excellence with his winning bake. This year, they pose the question: Who will rise to the occasion and claim the crown? The challenge is open to all, from seasoned bakers to enthusiastic amateurs, offering a chance to showcase their culinary prowess.

The Stage Is Set: Eden Court Awaits

The grand final will take place on Sunday, 17th March 2024, at Eden Court. From 10 am to 2 pm, this iconic venue will become the home of shortbread excellence. Attendees will have the opportunity to savour the finalists’ creations, providing a taste of the Highlands’ rich culinary heritage.

An Illustrious Panel of Judges

The 2024 edition will have a larger and more diverse judging panel, including the return of beloved judges and the introduction of new faces. Notably, Coinneach MacLeod, The Hebridean Baker, joins the lineup, bringing his international acclaim and deep connection to Scottish traditions to the table. Alongside him, returning judges Jeni Iannetta of Bad Girl Bakery and Kirsten Gilmour of KJ’s Bothy Bakery, as well as new additions, will lend their skills to discern the finest shortbread bakes.

Categories to Watch

The 2024 showdown has added multiple awards, including:

  • Overall Winner
  • Best Traditional Shortbread
  • Best Flavoured Shortbread
  • Public’s Choice

This allows for a broader recognition of talent, celebrating the myriad ways shortbread can delight and surprise!

A Day of Delights: Grand Final Demo

Adding to the excitement, the grand final will feature a baking demonstration by Fernando Basaldua Bazaldua from XOKO Bakery, Inverness. This interactive event promises to inspire and entertain, offering insights into the art of baking.

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