Best Walks In And Near Inverness

There are some fabulous walks in and near Inverness, Scotland. And now the weather is brightening up, it’s the perfect time to get to know the stunning landscape of the area. Whether you’re a local or a visitor – these walks in and near Inverness will not disappoint. From serene canal paths to rugged glen trails, our curated selection of walks near Inverness is perfect for those seeking to enrich their stay with unforgettable outdoor experiences.

The Caledonian Canal and Dochgarroch Locks: A Gateway to Mystical Waters

Begin your journey with a stroll along the Caledonian Canal, reaching the Dochgarroch Locks, the threshold to Loch Ness. This route offers varying distances, catering to all. With flat terrains that promise leisurely walks against the backdrop of the majestic Great Glen. The locks at Dochgarroch, a highlight for nautical enthusiasts, present a picturesque setting worthy of admiration.

The Historical Vigil: Craig Phadraig

The ascent to Craig Phadraig offers more than just panoramic views over the Beauly Firth. It’s a journey back in time. The remnants of an Iron Age fort and its connection to Pictish kings offer a narrative layer to the stunning vistas. Making this walk a brief yet profound historical pilgrimage.

The Splendor of Glen Affric

Dubbed ‘the most beautiful glen in Scotland,’ Glen Affric is a sanctuary of natural beauty. With a spectrum of trails catering to casual strollers and avid hikers alike. Glen Affric’s landscape of Caledonian forests and snow-dusted peaks is a panorama of the Scottish Highlands’ quintessential charm.

Ness Islands: An Urban Oasis

A stone’s throw from the city centre, the Ness Islands walk is a testament to Inverness’s unique charm, where nature and urban life intertwine seamlessly. This network of wooded islands, linked by Victorian bridges, offers an escape to a wildlife haven within the heart of the city. Creating a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Culloden Battlefield: Echoes of the Past

The Culloden Battlefield walk is a poignant reminder of Scotland’s turbulent history. The site of the last Jacobite uprising’s tragic end offers a deeply moving experience. Further enriched by the insights available at the visitor centre. Great for fans of the Outlander TV Series.

Loch Ness 360° Trail: A Complete Highland Adventure

For those seeking a comprehensive Highland experience, the Loch Ness 360° Trail encircles the iconic loch, offering diverse landscapes and challenges. From serene loch-side paths to rugged trails, this circuit provides a holistic exploration of Loch Ness’s mystique.

Ord Hill: A View from the Black Isle

Ord Hill presents an invigorating walk, characterised by its brief yet occasionally steep trail. The effort is rewarded with unrivalled views across the Beauly Firth, capturing the essence of the Scottish Highlands’ dramatic landscapes.

Inverness Awaits

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