Holidays In Scotland During Coronavirus

‘Staycationing’ is the new compound word that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue this summer. Holidays near you might be the only way for us to ‘getaway’ this year it looks like, and although some may meet this ‘new normal’ with a sullen Ingmar Bergman sadness, we are really very lucky to live in one of the most admired destinations in the world.

On July 3rd the good ol’ Scottish Government relaxed into its Phase 2 Covid-19 regulations and have now graciously allowed us a wee bit more rope to tug on. Nicola and the gang have lifted the 5-mile travel restrictions AND allowed self-catering accommodation with no shared facilities, such as holiday cottages, caravans and Airbnb, to open their doors to the country’s cabin-fevered citizens. This means that Scotland’s lively cities, historic towns and beautiful islands are back open for the visiting business that the local economy is pure ravenous for!

Self-Catering Accommodation

Self-catering accommodation is something Scotland does very well and there are some great places to stay dotted all around this beautiful country. Scots are spoilt for choice this summer for where to visit and what to do when reacquainting ourselves with our homeland. Whether it be meandering through the glens, cutting about town enjoying the local hospitality, or sipping whisky with the Nessie hersel’, holidays in Scotland has a self-catering haven for us all.

Getting to your accommodation needn’t be a problem either, as Inverness Taxis are a great option to get you to any number of put of the way, wonderful places. The convenience of not having to navigate the winding rounds as well as not having to share public transport with multiple people makes taxi travel an option of ease and safety. Travelling by taxi has become the safest way to travel in the current climate and a journey with us is a journey which combines safety AND style. On the road, you will be looked after by our skilled drivers who have been trained to maintain the highest of hygiene standards to ensure that your journey is completed safely and responsibly. Not only that, but our drivers’ great customer service and local knowledge will enhance your holiday experience, giving you the best adventure possible when rediscovering our bonnie land.


The reason taxis are one of the safest ways to travel right now is because of our dedicated, diligent service drivers and the many innovative new safety measures they observe during your journey with us.

Measures such as:

  • All cars are fitted with driver/passenger shields
  • All cars are cleaned and sanitised after every journey
  • All cars take card and contactless payments
  • All drivers’ health is monitored to ensure safety
  • All drivers will be wearing facemasks
  • All passengers will be offered hand sanitiser
  • All passengers are advised to wear a mask

During this crisis, these new measures have helped Inverness Taxis complete over 100,000 journeys without any incidents of drivers becoming ill due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This safety record, coupled with our outstanding customer service and local knowledge, makes choosing to travel through Scotland this summer with Inverness Taxis an absolute no-brainer!

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