Inverness Named ‘Most Picturesque in Scotland’

The word is out, and Inverness, the heart of the Highlands, has officially clinched the title of the ‘Most Picturesque Holiday Destination in all of Scotland’. Move over, St. Andrew’s, because Inverness is taking the spotlight!

Inverness Named Best in Scotland

This exciting revelation that comes straight from the folks at House of Bruar, those luxury-loving connoisseurs of all things Scottish. They’ve done some digging and analysed the ‘beauty quotient’ of Scotland’s landscape, using the magic of social media. Yes, we’re talking about Instagram. Where hashtags tell stories of stunning Scottish castles, quaint villages, stunning nature reserves and the most picturesque places in Scotland.

Inverness emerged as the star of the show, accumulating a staggering 729,959 hashtags that vouch for its charm. We’re not the least bit surprised. If you’ve ever wandered through the historic Culloden Battlefield or marvelled at the grandeur of Urquhart Castle, you’d understand why Inverness has captured the hearts of travellers near and far.

It’s not just us who are head over heels for this vibrant city. Renowned travel guru Time Out ranked Inverness as the 3rd best city break in the UK for 2023. And they’re right on the money. With its rich history and captivating attractions, it’s no wonder Inverness is the Most Picturesque in Scotland.

Best Of The Rest of Scotland

Inverness isn’t alone in its fame. Our fellow Scottish towns are making waves too. Falkirk, with its over 170,000 hashtags, is striking poses for Instagram. And Aviemore and Pitlochry are giving a tough competition with their 160,000 and 114,000 hashtags respectively.

Speaking of hashtags, we can’t forget to mention some of Scotland’s most spectacular walking trails that are lighting up Instagram feeds. The West Highland Way is leading the pack, capturing the hearts of explorers and accumulating over 135,700 hashtags. Following closely is the enchanting Fife Coastal Path, boasting more than 80,000 hashtags.

Castle Are Key!

Now, let’s talk about castles, shall we? Scotland’s historic fortresses have a way of transporting us back in time. Edinburgh Castle is an Instagram superstar with a huge 663,000 hashtags. Eilean Donan Castle is stealing hearts with 126,844 hashtags. And Stirling Castle and Duntottar Castle aren’t far behind with their own impressive hashtag counts.

But the beauty of Scotland doesn’t stop at castles. Holyrood Park in Edinburgh is having its own moment of fame with 58,000 hashtags. While the park at Jupiter Artland isn’t far behind at 20,670 hashtags. And for a taste of royalty, Scone Palace in Perthshire is gaining attention with 19,100 hashtags.

So, whether you’re a photography nerd, a history buff, or just someone seeking the magic of Scotland’s landscape, Inverness Taxis invites you to embark on an adventure that promises picturesque views and unforgettable memories. Inverness is stealing the limelight and our charming Scottish towns and landmarks are following suit. So, there’s no better time to explore the beauty of the Most Picturesque places in Scotland.

Pack your bags, charge your cameras, and hop into an Inverness Taxi. Your Scottish escapade awaits!

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