Inverness Taxi Numbers

Taxi travel is now seen as the safest way to complete journeys across our fair city. COVID-19 has left many favouring taxi cabs in Inverness over using public transport due to social distancing and hygiene concerns. Who needs the extra stress of worrying about reduced timetables, busy buses and possible improper hygiene of your fellow passengers when you could travel in isolation and comfort with a trained driver?

With no Uber Inverness having ever come to fruition in the city, here are the top 4 taxi companies operating in Inverness:

1. Inverness Taxis – 01463 222222

Inverness Taxis have been providing taxi services in Inverness for the last 60 years. IT Taxis has the largest fleet of dedicated vehicles that range from regular and VIP cars, right through to minibus sized and wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Providing a reliable 24/7 365 taxi service, Inverness Taxis also can boast being the only taxi operator in Inverness for serving Inverness Airport, which means they are the only taxi company that may enter the taxi rank at the airport, making them the best choice for picking up and dropping off when travelling by air.

Inverness Taxis also provide an extensive range of private tours across Scotland, where travellers are shown the heart and soul of Scotland by their very knowledgeable guides through their IT Tours service.

This Inverness cab company also provide a parcel service which will move items right across the country without a fuss. Check out their Tx Parcels website for details.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Inverness Taxis have modified their vehicles to allow for passenger bubbles, contactless travel/payment, and implemented strict hygiene procedures to give their passengers peace of mind on their journey. A great service that is so important during this trying time.

Book your vehicle by phone, Facebook, on their website, or through their dedicated app.

2. City Taxis – 01463 555555

City Taxis was established in December 2000 with a fleet of 8 taxis. Their taxi fleet has grown to over 90 vehicles (pre-COVID figure) and includes mini-buses, VIP cars and a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

You can book over the phone, on their website, or through their app.

3. Capital Taxis – 01463 808080

Capital Taxis were established in March 2011 and offer a 24/7, 365 days a year service. They provide contactless payment, regular, executive, and wedding vehicles.

They can provide wheelchair accessible vehicles, but pre-booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

You can book over the phone or through their app.

4. Sneckie Taxis – 01463 611 111

Sneckie Taxi Services are a local taxi and private hire company based in Inverness. As well as providing a 24-hour taxi service they also offer contract services, private tours, and school runs. This in addition to providing executive and corporate hire too.

Their fleet has been reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they still offer a service.

You can book over the phone, on their website, or through their app.

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