Why Taxi Travel Makes Sense In The Time Of Covid

The current Scottish government’s advice is that we should all stay at home if we can, but for those venturing out for food, work, or need to get to essential appointments, the advice is to travel to your destination as safely and responsibly as possible.

If you have your own vehicle or you can get to your destination by bicycle or by walking, then great! But many people have to travel miles to work, hospitals or they may be unable to walk very far. What then? Public transport is always an option with bus companies doing great work to protect their passengers during their journey. But as passenger numbers start to increase it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain social distancing guidance and hygiene protocols with several people travelling on in one vehicle.

Taxi services do not have this issue of dealing with more than one passenger in their vehicles. In an Inverness Taxis car, you can travel safely in seclusion with our drivers who will maintain the highest of hygiene standards to ensure that your essential journey is completed safely and responsibly. Taxis are also not running on limited timetables like public transport, so this allows you to choose a time that suits you best to arrive at your destination.

Taxis are one of the safest ways to travel right now due to the dedicated, diligent service drivers and staff members can provide on your journey. During this crisis we have completed over 40000 journeys without any incidents of drivers becoming ill due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). This fantastic record can be attributed to the great steps we have taken in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring that both our customers, drivers and partners are able to reach their destination and use our services safely.

These steps include:

  • We have now partnered up with a specialist company division providing disinfection and decontamination services to all our vehicles and offices to make sure all vehicles are 99.99% free of viruses and bacteria.
  • We take card and contactless payments.
  • 20% discount to those travelling to and from work
  • We are advising to carry one passenger at a time unless from the same family.
  • We have vehicles with plastic sheets dividing a customer and our driver on request.
  • We are asking passengers to ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 before they book with us, stating this in the booking flow.
  • We are asking employees to work from home unless it is essential that they come in for their role. Within the office, we are facilitating social distancing.
  • We continue to monitor the health condition of all our drivers and staff.

As you can see from above, not only are we observing the highest of safety standards, Inverness Taxis is now offering a fantastic 20% discount to anyone travelling to and from work!

For those travelling now and people with regular travel needs, our teams continue to work around the clock to provide everyone with the safe support to meet their travel needs.

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