4 Ways Taxi Apps Make Online Booking Better

Have you ever arrived at the airport or rail station and wasn’t able to find the right transportation at the right time? Or have you been late reaching at an important business meeting just because you could hail the taxi at right time? Have you ever been tricked to pay a higher fare by a driver because you were left without any option but just call anyone who’s already in front of you? If yes, then you must be aware of how frustrating this situation can be when you are tired and looking for the right taxi service to reach where you ought to be.

While locals can survive the lack of taxis in the city, tourists are likely to face a huge problem as they aren’t familiar with the area. This is why we recommend you to plan your trip in advance and consider pre-booking taxi services.

Calling a taxi company’s customer service used to be the only option for pre-booking a ride but it was very inconvenient because of the costs. Most of the times, the lines are very busy, it would take forever to finally get someone to attend to your call.

Then online booking via website has been initiated, but not everyone can bring their laptops every time, everywhere. A better alternative can be booked via the mobile taxi app which is so easy to use.

It can take extra space on your phone but when you are a traveller, it will be very useful during your stay as you can book and ensure your ride whenever you need it. Here at Inverness Taxis, we make sure that our app is fully functional and it was designed with travellers on mind. Check our availability, our available units, and corresponding rates depending on your trip when you use our taxi app!

Benefits Pre-Booking Using Taxi Apps

If you are a frequent traveller, you must know what are the benefits of pre-booking Inverness Taxis via our taxi app. Many times travellers will not be able to get the right mode of transport suitable to their choice for reaching their destination. But you can avoid such a situation by pre-booking Inverness taxi services online.

Here is a rundown of the best benefits of using taxi apps to pre-book your next taxi ride:

1. Saves You Time

You get to save a lot of time when you use taxi booking apps. Waiting for a taxi by the roadside can use up much of your time. It is also the same when it comes to walking to a specific spot to get a taxi. When you use taxi booking apps on your trip to Inverness, you will have one coming to your current location within a short time.

2. It’s safe

Using a modern-day taxi app is very safe as you will be given details of the vehicle and driver when a car is dispatched to collect you. You can also track the progress of the car making it easier and safer for you as there will be no need to stand out on a busy street until the car is at your location.

3. Easy to Use and Response is Quick

A taxi application has been designed in a way which is easy to use for anyone. All you need to do is download the app and key in the required details. The booking process will, however, required you to have a stable internet connection to trace available taxis before booking one. Your driver will be available minutes after booking your trip.

4. Recorded Transaction

When you book via taxi apps, you will receive a booking ticket and receipts will be sent to your email. This will be useful when you encounter problems with the service you booked. For instance, when you left an item at the taxi you booked, you can always go back to the booking ticket to get the driver and taxi details so you can inquire about your missing item. This makes for safer transportation.

Now, before you choose a transfer service, it is vital to do fine research of a few companies and compare them on the basis of their services, cars, reviews, ratings, drivers’ feedbacks, customers’ feedbacks, and fares, etc. It is highly recommended to book a taxi a week before you require a taxi.

At Inverness Taxis, we provide local taxi service and airport Taxi service. We will gladly take care of all your transportation needs. Try our taxi app and experience true convenience.

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