6 Things To Know About Getting Taxis In Inverness

Getting around Inverness Scotland and the nearby towns and tourist destinations by taxi is the easiest and most convenient besides taking a bus or renting a car. Most taxis in the city are new, spacious, air-conditioned, and equipped with up-to-date taxi technologies for your convenience.Finding a taxi in Inverness is not a hassle, nor is finding an Inverness taxi phone number. Inverness is very much a taxi culture with 5 taxi companies to choose from and around 370 taxi/phc vehicles working in the city. These circumstances can change at the height of the tourist season or when the city is hosting a big event such as Loch ness marathon, Beladrum festival or the Highland games. If you plan to visit Inverness at any of these times then you need to plan ahead.So today, we’re going to give you a clear guide on getting a taxi in Inverness.When you’re on your home turf, it’s easy to figure out the geometry, but when you’re arriving in a new city, travelling can involve some serious and stressful calculations. If you’re too tired or nervous to try the local bus service, it’s a lot more convenient to jump in a taxi to get to your destination. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s always more convenient to get an Inverness airport taxi than walking to the bus stop then to your hotel.In Inverness, there are three ways of getting a taxi – you simply shove your arm in the air and wait for a one to pull over, stand in a taxi rank. The third and defiantly safer option is to pre-book a taxi in advance and arrange a pick-up, this way you will not be disappointed and late for any meetings or events, remember Inverness can get a rush of visitors all looking for a taxi.Our company Inverness Taxis is the contracted company to service Inverness airport, we are the largest company in the area with around 150 cars in our fleet. Each and every flight will be serviced with a designated number of taxis with a backup of more if required. We always recommend booking your Inverness airport taxi for your convenience, your driver will meet you in arrivals with a name board to help with any luggage at no extra cost. We can also provide child seats on request.

Taxi Color Codes?

There are no colour codes for Inverness taxis. You can distinguish operators through logos and phone numbers printed on the taxi roof sign or on the side of the car. Most of the regular taxis you will see will be salon cars that can take 4 passengers’, but if that’s 4 passengers with luggage we would recommend you book an estate car or MPV.If you come with a bigger group, you can book a long wheelbase 8-seater minibus that can accommodate lots of luggage or golf clubs. 8. The taxi rate for this is higher.

Are There Old Taxis?

You will never see an Inverness taxi that’s obsolete. The city makes sure that taxis are in good condition with rigorous checks every 6 months if they are over 5 years old. You will find a very high standard of vehicle in Inverness but please remember you are not obliged to take the car that turns up for you or take the first car on the taxi rank.

Fair fares?

There’s no need to negotiate the fare as all taxis in Inverness are metered. A driver refusing to use a meter is an indication of a suspicious agenda. If he insists on giving you a fixed fare, instead of using the meter, it’s best to find another cab.This is why it’s always better to book your taxi in advance to avoid being tricked.The normal taxi rate for the 20-minute ride from the Inverness Airport to the city centre or vice versa is £18 in a 4-pax taxi capacity. It can be more expensive, though, during peak hours in the morning (when people go to work) and the afternoon (when people get off from work). The tariff for the extra time spent during traffic can cost around £20. As for 8-pax capacity taxis, it costs around £25 from Inverness Airport to the City Center and higher during peak hours and weekends.Overall, the price of an Inverness taxi for 4 pax is £4.00 for the first mile plus £1.80 per mile thereafter plus £1 booking fee.On holidays like Good Friday, Easter Monday or May Day, as well as all Saturdays and Sundays of the year, taxis carrying 4 passengers will be charged £4.90 for the first mile plus £2.30 per mile thereafter plus extras. This is almost equivalent to £28 tariff from Inverness Airport to the City Center.Boxing Day and the 2nd of January also have a different rate that applies between 6am and midnight. Generally, the price of a hire during these days and time is £6.00 for the first mile plus £2.70 per mile thereafter plus extras. When you are a group of 5, the same rate applies from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.Finally, from 6p.m. to 6 a.m. of the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, taxis with 4 passengers charge £6.60 for the first mile plus £3.60 per mile thereafter plus extras. Those that carry 5 passengers will charge you £7.30 for the first mile plus £4.50 per mile thereafter plus extras.

Are there Extra Charges?

Official extra charges can include booking charges via telephone (£1.00); bridge tolls or ferry charges; airport car parking charges in the condition that there should be a receipt provided by the driver.Other charges may come from the cost of the outward journey for hires which commence 3 miles or more away from the taxi or taxi base. The maximum charge shall be the actual tariff applied when the taxi travels from their base or its current location to your pick up or drop off point.A £100 charge can be made for soiling a taxi.

Taxi Drivers

You will find a very high standard of driver working under our umbrella. Our drivers will have enhanced PVG, customer service trained and now we have 80% of drivers first aid trained. All new recruits must have these certificates before starting with Inverness Taxis.Our professional drivers are very easy to spot as they are all in company uniform. They also have a tremendous knowledge of Inverness and surrounding areas but please have a full address for the driver to use their knowledge to get you to your destination the safest, quickest and most cost-effective way possible.

Are Tips Compulsory?

Tipping of Inverness taxi drivers is not required but it’s a nice thing to do, most especially when you are satisfied with the service. So if you think they deserve it, they’ll be more than grateful.

Inverness Taxis has an excellent reputation in Inverness and the whole Highland. We are available for bookings from Inverness, Inverness airport and surrounding areas. We also specialise in private sightseeing tours, www.it-tours.co.uk . Check our available services and call our hotline 01463 222222.

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