Want to know fun things to do with kids in Inverness, good locations to eat, cheap evenings, or maybe just want to find the unique Inverness events? Well, we hope that we can help.

Inverness is a great city for families. Packed with so many things to do, Inverness presents world-famous museums (with some nice museum sleepovers) and fun-filled parks, great theatres, playgrounds, famous streets, lively markets, and many more. The good news is that, many of these are fun things for kids, and comes at no cost at all.

If you require ideas on fun things that you and the family can do in Inverness on a budget then this our list of the nine (9) best things for a family to do in Inverness is for you.


Best Things to do in Inverness with Kids


  1. Visiting Highland House of Fraser

This is a family-run franchise that is famous for the production of many of the best kilts in Inverness. Highland House of Fraser is nestled along Huntly Street and it is where you will find the Scottish Kiltmaker Visitor Centre, a place where you can find out the history of the Highland costume through clothing exhibits, workshops, digital presentations, and films. Be prepared to pay around £50 for overnight rental services of traditional kilt if you plan to wear one during your stay. Bet it; kids will love the adventures.

  1. A Trip to Inverness Castle

Located in the center of the city, Inverness Castle is a perfect addition to your list of places to visit in Inverness. It is an ancient fortress that has been around since 11AD. Inverness Castle has witnessed lots of turbulent times and events all through the years, and has also been renovated many times; formerly into an 18th-century citadel called Fort George, preceding the first Jacobite rebellion, and a decade later into the Neo-Norman style we see today. Go to the castle viewpoint for a captivating view of the city and further into the highlands.

  1. Shop at Inverness Victorian Market

This 19th-century shopping center is home to more than 40 stores selling fresh spices, jewelry, produce, clothing, and souvenirs. Inverness Victorian Market is located in Old Town and is entirely indoors because of its ornate iron-and-wooden-made roof built during the Victorian era. Its highly-preserved clock is one of its highly notable features, as it has never taken a break from ticking since 1890. Visit any of the two cafes serving pastries, light meals, and coffee in Victorian Market to put something nice in your stomach.

  1. Eat Out

Give your kids a special treat in any of the restaurants in the city center. Being the largest city in northern Scotland, there are numerous choices of eateries in Inverness. Inverness offers many options to choose from when it comes to eating out, whether you desire Scottish-influenced European dining  (visit the Mustard Seed) or pub food (go to the Castle Tavern), or you would rather go for luxurious options like Thai, Chinese and Indian. We only suggest that you make sure to book in advance. Most of the highly popular dining spots book up well in advance.      

  1. Don’t miss Inverness Highland Games

Inverness Highland Games is very popular in Inverness, where athletes from different walks of life come together and compete in various types of sports competitions. Inverness Highland Games was started in 1822 and its venue is at Bught Park, towards the western bank of the River Ness.

Among the things that visitors will enjoy include a lively performance backed by great dance performances, talented pipers, and friendly locals dressed in Scottish traditional costumes. Some of the sports events to enjoy at the Inverness Highland Games are track running, caber toss, shot put, and long jump. Brace yourself for this big event held every July on weekends.  

  1. Visit Eden Court Theatre

This is the actual entertainment center in the Highlands with two cinemas, theatres, and dance studios, a great cafe/bar, and an incredible restaurant serving all the best local produce together with a 19th-century palace and chapel. You can find Eden Court Theatre on the riverside not far from Inverness Cathedral and enjoy a fantastic riverside venue and great views of the River Ness. Many activities are going on in the building with more than 400 live theatre performances every year, more than 2000 cinema screenings every year, and more than 60 classes and events every week, including completely accessible high-end facilities. 

      7. Take Fresh Air at Ness Islands

This river runs across Inverness, linking the popularly known Loch Ness with the sea. Follow the Ness Walk along the river bank on the south side of the city center to find a beautiful old Victorian-era footbridge. This will take you straight to the Ness Islands.

Here you will find a small group of islands at the center of the river which is perfect for strolling in nature. There are some large trees on the islands, and they are so much calm to visit. You can cross from one island to another, and then cross onto the river’s western shore. You can decide to continue the Ness Walk along the western part of the river bank and get back to the city center. 

  1. A Tour to Highland Whiskey Trail

You will find some of the best distilleries of Scotland in Inverness, and many of them allow guided tours and whisky-tasting experiences all through the year. Whisky brewing began in the 15th century or earlier and its production involves mixing of yeast, malted barley, and water before they are aged in wooden casks.

There are traditional distilleries along the Highland Whisky Trail that have been around and producing the best single malts since the 19th century. Driving between each location can last for about an hour, so you need enough time to visit two or more venues in a day. The Glen Ord Distillery was founded in 1838 and is a famous stop for those that enjoy its 12-year-old Singleton Scotch.  

  1. Visit Whin Park

If you would love to enjoy your afternoon outdoors but want to stay closer to the city center, just consider Whin Park. It features four distinct adventure play centers, including zip lines, climbing structures with slides, a modeled crashed plane feature and many more that outdoor lovers will enjoy.

An adult Trim Trail is also available with equipment that has similarities in style to an assault course, perfect for the active youths and adults that desire to get involved as well. Playing with ducks inside the pound is also possible, or just enter a train from the narrow gauge railway in Ness Islands.


Ready to catch-up with these Fun Things?


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