Inverness in Winter – Things to do and more

Winter is here, and there’s no better time to visit Inverness than in winter when it is the most beautiful. Winter break in Scotland feels so special when you visit Inverness. The cold and crisp air and the white snow-covered mountain are some of the magic during winter in Inverness. The temperature during winter is around 4°C and usually declines below freezing.

There are lots of activities to do during winter in Inverness and things to do to keep warm.

Among the things that you will find here are the glistening Loch Ness waters, snow-capped terrains, as well as soaring pine trees, which represent a perfect winter scene.

You have a perfect excuse to visit Inverness if you let our team of highly-experienced drivers at the Inverness Taxis take care of your visit. So, pack up your camera and other essentials and get set to enjoy the thrills that our historic sites in Inverness have to offer.


8 Best Things to do in Inverness Winter


There are varieties of amazing winter sports and activities in the area around Inverness and Loch Ness. Below is our guide to everything to do in Inverness this winter:  

  1. Visit the Lochs and Hills for Winter Breaks

The many lochs and hills are part of the major draws in the Scottish Highlands. You will want to take a trip to this mountainous region if you plan to spend Christmas in Scotland. Loch Ness is located at the center of the Highland. It is a great lake, which is not far from the ancient ruins of Urquhart Castle. You can enjoy the amazing natural landscapes by taking a stroll on the banks of the loch.

This well-preserved wilderness presents an opportunity to sight local wildlife, like red deer. You can drive through winding glens, walk through historic pine forests, or enjoy the sight of cascading waterfalls that is flowing into large rivers. This area is covered in glistening snow during the winter months. So, check it out with your family and/or friends, and get ready to be thrilled.

  1. Winter Festivals

Winter in the Scottish Highlands has a lot to offer than wildlife and attractive wilderness. There are many enjoyable winter festivals and events just like you did in summer. Such includes November at Eden Court, December at Eden Court, as well as Inverness Farmer’s Market. The days are certainly much shorter. However, with the yearly celebrations, such as Christmas, Hogmanay, and Burns Night, there are lots of winter festivals to shake off the cold.      

  1. Amazing Winter Wildlife

There is a lot of diverse wildlife in the Scottish Highlands even during the coldest winter months. There are red squirrels on the branches of trees, balancing with their bushy tails. You may also be so lucky to see capercaillies (shy birds), which are famous for being highly difficult to spot, even with their size as big as a turkey.

Walking along the sandy shores of the river, you may be lucky to see seals lying on there, see lots of otters scampering on the riverbanks, as well as jumping dolphins in Moray Firth. You may also see great herds of red deer galloping across the hills. Remember to come with your binoculars to catch a better glimpse at swooping edges, or ospreys sitting with their little ones.  

  1. Visit Inverness Cathedral

This trip will not take you much time and is a better fit for the shorter days we get all through the winter months. By first drive around Inverness, taking note of all the historical and architectural structures which you can further explore when you are free. You can walk by Ness as it is a very unique location with the reflection of the lights in the river and pick out from the list of wonderful eateries and pubs to scare off the cold.

  1. Hidden Foodie Gems

There are many great undisclosed gems in the Inverness area. Starting with bad girl bakery in Muir of Ord for tasty treats, yummy lunches, and great cakes, Miele Gelateria for ice cream in Inverness, and a perfect treat on a crisp Autumn Day at Ness Walk Kiosk located on the River Ness for a warm waffle while strolling.

Visit The Dores Inn located on the banks of Loch Ness for a lunch with a view. Those in Beauly shouldn’t miss the Corner on the Square for anything as that is where all the cakes, takeout sandwiches, and other things, such as wine and tasty deli items are served. Try Hootanannys or Johnny Foxes to have your favorite tipple. 

  1. Warming Whisky

Winter is always cold, and that is why it is winter. But with a wee dram right after escaping the cold, you sure will enjoy the warmth. During winter, the whisky becomes a cherished commodity. And since Inverness has one of the biggest choices of popular single malt whiskies, your best place to enjoy warmth is at the Kingsmill’s Whisky Bar. You will get a first-hand look at how our popular drink is produced when you take a guided tour around one of our whisky distilleries.

Also, there will be lots of opportunities to try a drink on the way. Tomatin and Glen Ord are the two closest distilleries in the city, but you can also find more scattered around the Highlands.

  1. Beautiful Dog-Sledding Tours

There is no better way to explore the Scottish Highlands in winter than riding in a sled driven by giant dogs. Sit back, and enjoy the snowy landscapes as you are transported along the routes by these amazing dogs. Dog-sledding rallies (where many animals race across the wildernesses and mountains) are held in the Highlands. You can also book a sled dog safari or an interaction with the dogs at sledding centers. 

  1. Christmas Shopping

Winter in Inverness is never complete without some amazing Christmas shopping. The Victorian Market and Eastgate Shopping Center are the best stops to get all your amazing Christmas presents. Make sure you check the just-refurbished Market Hall at the Victorian Market to get a rest and have something delicious to refresh yourself.

To get some ideas on stocking filler, or anything a bit quirky, check the Christmas fairs often hosted by Eden Court packed with great arts, crafts, and delicious foods. You can also grab a deal in the January sales right after the festivities.

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