Inverness Giant Christmas Fayre, Elf on the Shelf Hunt, Eden Court Christmas Fairs, and much more are some of the consideration to have a fun-filled Christmas in Inverness.

Christmas is indeed a special season of year, regardless of where and with whom you want to spend it, whether to stay in your private home or go out and meet new people and friends. Let’s discuss some of the most amazing places and things you can do this Christmas.

Our thoughts go to the beautiful festive season as the atmosphere begins to change. Christmas time in Inverness is one of the most loved seasons. That is why today we are talking about some of the best things to get involved with in Inverness at this most amazing time of year.


Tip to having a Great Christmas in Inverness


Whether your plan this Christmas is to go out to the town and experience its great shopping options or you plan to have a festive city break, you will not be exhausted of options concerning things to expect.

Below are some of the things:

  1. Inverness Giant Christmas Fayre – 26th November 2022

On the 26th of November, there will be more than 90 arts, crafts, and indigenous produce and stalls at the Giant Christmas Fayre, together with live music, Santa’s Grotto, and other family activities. This is the biggest indoor Christmas Fayre in Inverness and it is held at Inverness Leisure starting from 10 am till 3 pm.

  1. Elf On The Shelf Hunt – 2nd to 3rd December 2022

This is a yearly event that takes place in the Victorian Market for the entire family. Go to the market, and allow the parents to do the shopping while the children explore the shopping center hoping to find Santa’s elves and keeping note of all their names with the hope of winning a prize. You can get an entry from Elf HQ in the market.  

  1. Eden Court Christmas Fairs – 18th till 20th November & 2nd till 4th December 2022

. More than 60 exhibitors will be at Bishop’s Place and everywhere on the first-floor balcony. Also, you will get street food and refreshments served outside. This will be done at Eden Court over 2 amazing weekends. The best way to begin the festive season in Inverness is Eden Court Christmas Fairs. 

  1. Eden Court Panto – 7th December 2022 till 8th January 2023

The annual Christmas pantomime is so much important when talking about a festive countdown. Being the biggest theatrical festival of the year, Eden Court Panto will return to the Highlands during Christmas. So, if you will be in Inverness for Christmas, put Eden Court Theatre on your calendar to see Peter Pan. Depicting a real family Panto style, you will see the hapless comic, great signs, villain, incredible costumes, hilarious damsel in dress, and lots of fun. 

  1. Christmas Shopping – All through the season

You need to go out to buy those supplies. Yes. In Inverness, Christmas shopping is one of the most amazing things to be excited about this festive season. Eastgate Shopping has all the top fashion brands, the newly renovated market promise stocking fillers, and they also offer gift vouchers and special promos to make your Christmas shopping experience an enjoyable one.

  1. Kingsmills Christmas Parties – throughout December

There is no better way to flag off the festive season than with your loved ones, great food, and drink, and a celebration atmosphere. Come to the Kingsmills and celebrate the season with your family and friends. Pick from lunches, brunches, festive breaks, afternoon teas, dinners, party nights, etc.

  1. Visit Fort Augustus and Loch Ness for Christmas Eve

Have an adventurous tour of the famous Loch Ness, passing Fort Augustus located at the southern part of the loch and along the dramatic ruins of Urquhart Castle to reach Inverness. Make sure you have your own camera on standby as we travel through the loch in case you sight the Nessie.

  1. Christmas Day At Leisure

Welcome to Inverness for Christmas. Relax, open some gifts, enjoy a traditional turkey dinner, and take in the great party atmosphere in the hotel with the great people around you.  

  1. Kingsmills’ Hogmanay Gala Dinner – 31st December 2022

If you plan not to lift a finger this Christmas, check in with The Kingsmills’ Hogmanay Gala Dinner. There, you will have access to an enjoyable 5-course dinner, coupled with hookey dancing into the late night; there is no better way to start 2023.

  1. Red Hot Highland Fling 31st December 2022

Right after Christmas, we’ve had enough turkey and stuffing. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the New Year festivity. During December ending, Inverness organizes a family-friendly Highland Fling to celebrate the New Year with great bands, good food and drinks, amazing fireworks, and a toast to the bells.  


Tips for your Tour during Christmas in Inverness


As you enter the town with your goods and the excitement of the great night in view, try to think of the safety tips you need to follow on your night out to make sure it all ends well. Inverness Taxis has compiled our best 5 tips on the best safety measures to follow on your Christmas celebration in Inverness, so you don’t end up having a bad memory of this year’s Christmas celebration.

  • Get a lift or Schedule a Taxi: during your night travel in and out of Inverness city center, you need to consider getting a lift from a close and reliable person or just book a licensed Taxi in Inverness to ensure you reach and leave your destination safely. You will not only be avoiding the weather by taking to this option, or the possibility of running into a bad person that may hurt you or your possessions, but you will also be safe from the possible exposure to unforeseen attacks.
  • Drink moderately and watch your drink: Drinking on a night out can easily slip out of control. But to be safe, try and remain in control when drinking alcohol. Know and respect your limits and don’t go beyond them and lose control.
  • Always be in well-lit locations and be safe throughout the season: In the absence of a taxi, make sure you are in well-lit areas where there are many people. People rarely commit crimes in a well-lit area where there are CCTVs and plenty of people to see what is going on.
  • Book your Inverness Taxi to be safe throughout the Christmas season in Inverness: When you book a taxi, you are sure that it will come with a reputable and reliable driver for all your tour in Inverness. Booking your taxi to Inverness and back home will make sure that you won’t have to remain in an unsafe place or in any kind of weather before you can get home. You can make advance booking of your taxi by contacting Inverness Taxis on +44 1463 222 222. Or just download the user-friendly Inverness Taxis Safekab

Ready for the Season?  

We will be expecting you in Inverness for this year’s Christmas celebration. Do have a great Christmas celebration and remember to always contact Inverness Taxis for all your taxi needs in Inverness.

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