Top 6 Tips for Wedding Car Hire in 2021

2020 saw many weddings postponed or plans changed to suit restrictions for the pandemic. Now, restrictions have been relaxed and depending on when you read this, hopefully, lifted completely! Now we can look forward to these massive days and the opportunity to create a perfect day is now a reality!  

No wedding is complete without the perfect wedding vehicle to whisk the bride to the ceremony. There is no shortage of gorgeous bridal cars out there to help make your day more special. Whether it’s a modern vehicle or a vintage car rental you choose for your wedding car, it’ll make a difference to your day. We’ve brought together our top 6 tips for hiring a wedding car.

1. Trust The Professionals 

There is nothing better at taking the stress out of your wedding planning than putting your trust in local companies to take care of elements like wedding car hire. Well established companies will have experience organising these sorts of events for years. Cars will be prepared and dispatched on time and trained chauffeurs will add style and professionalism to your day. Companies like Inverness Taxis can not only cater for the bridal party’s needs but also your guest’s transport. Minibus hire and individual vehicles will have your guests arriving in style and on time! Trusting the professionals with bridal car hire also means you have access to their vast experience. Companies like Inverness Taxis will be happy to recommend venues and traders who can help make your day even more special.

2. Distance and Passenger Numbers

When planning your day and booking a ‘wedding car hire near me’, it is important to think about where the venue is. If there are any further pick-up points and how many passengers will be travelling in the wedding party. Weddings can be grand or intimate affairs. You ‘ll need to think about the number of bridesmaids, the best man, matron/maid of honour, page boys, and the list goes on. If you want the whole party to arrive in style and in good time, a wedding car hire for the whole group may be the answer. Make sure you book as many vehicles as you require – there is nothing worse than not having enough room for your nearest and dearest!  Speak to your wedding car hire company and they will be able to advise you of the correct number of vehicles

3. Consider Your Route and Timing

Some brides and grooms like to take a special route to their wedding venue on the day and want to take a spin in their dream vehicle after the ceremony and on to their reception. Discuss the options with the hiring company and the chauffeur so the route can be planned, and the timing can allow for you to make the most out of your hire. It is traditional for the bride to be late, but don’t be left not getting the most from your dream wedding car!

4. Book Your Wedding Cars Early

Wedding bookings have become backed up over COVID, so booking your bridal car as early as possible is a smart move. Just like venues, wedding car hire companies will be busy over the peak wedding months during summer, so make sure and make the call early to avoid disappointment, and you never know, you might bag yourself a deal!

5. What Kind of Wedding Car Do You Want?

Wedding themes can range from the sublime to the unique. Make sure to try and match the wedding car to your aesthetic. Don’t just limit the choice to the “right colour”, if your wedding is more vintage, rent a wedding car in Inverness that is more of a classic car than of modern design. If you are going for a more modern design for your wedding, then choose something like a Rolls Royce. Of course, your choice may be driven by your budget also, so if the wedding is a more intimate affair, you may want to go for a more subtle vehicle choice and go for sophistication over extravagance.   

6. Think About Comfort Above All Else 

When it comes to the wedding party, and especially the bride’s car, space and comfort should be of paramount concern. A bride’s dress can be cumbersome, so make sure there is plenty of space in the car for her, the dress, and whoever is escorting her to the ceremony.  The last thing any bride wants is to arrive at the ceremony having endured a journey, rather than enjoyed her voyage to the venue in a more suitable vehicle.

Where Can I Find Wedding Car Rental Near Me?

Inverness Taxis can provide all your wedding car hire needs for your big day! They have a range of vehicles that are both stylish and comfortable – perfect for your wedding day. Inverness Taxis’ chauffeurs will look after you and your wedding party on the day and make sure that your transport needs are met and add to the magic of your big day. Whether it be a special bridal car, minibus hire in Inverness for your wedding party, or general transport for your guests between venues, Inverness Taxis has something that will add to your special day.

Contact Inverness Taxis for your wedding car hire on 01463222222 or you can send any questions and enquiries to

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