Where To Watch Euro 2020 In Inverness

Oh, it’s been a heck of a long time since we watched Scotland’s men’s football team compete at a major tournament. France ’98 was 23 years ago and we’ve been gloriously unlucky ever since that summer, starting with that own goal by poor wee Tom Boyd against Brazil! Anyway, that tournament has passed now, and in the past, it must remain!

We’ve got a glorious month of football ahead starting on the 11th of June, topped with a meeting with our oldest rivals, England, at their home – Wembley Stadium on the 18th of June! But, our attention should turn to our first game of the tournament against the Czech Republic at Hampden Park on Monday the 14th of June.

Our footballing history against the Czechs is checkered 😉 with each team winning 4 each of our previous encounters. The good news is that we have won the last 3 meetings, with two wins coming just last year – so there is much to be confident about!

Check out the full Euro 2020 schedule here.

But, the big questions before the tournament starts are –

What are the COVID rules for Euro 2020?

Where can I watch Euro 2020 games in Inverness?


What channel are Euro 2020 games on?  

What are the COVID rules for Euro 2020?

The days of packed pubs full of punters are still a little way off in this time of COVID, so don’t expect a sweaty hug from an elated stranger this tournament. Thankfully, the COVID restrictions during Euro 2020 in Inverness and the Highlands are not as strict as elsewhere.

Level 1 rules

  • Inside a pub, you can meet up to eight people from three households for a drink.
  • Outside at a pub, you can meet 12 people from 12 households. That means you can take a whole football team with you if you feel the need and still be fine to enjoy the football.
  • Inside your house, you can have up to 6 people from 3 households, and they can stay overnight if they become too ‘tired and emotional’ after the football.
  • In the garden, you can meet 12 people from 12 households, just like in a pub garden.

If you are inside, the guidance is that you should keep rooms well-ventilated, maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly, and reminisce once an hour about that penalty save from David Marshall that took us to the finals. #yessiricanboogie

Can I hug my mates when there’s a goal?

Level 1 restrictions state that social distancing guidelines should be followed in public places, but you do not need to physically distance from friends and family in private homes.

Where can I watch Euro 2020 games in Inverness?

This year, you’re spoilt for choice about where to watch the football in Inverness on TV. Whether you are with 11 of your mates, or just fancy a few drinks with a select group away from the elements, there’s a pub for you!

Auctioneers – A honest-to-goodness sports bar that will see you through the whole tournament, no problem! Book a table online for beers, football and some good food

The Caledonian – one of the larger brewery pubs. That means there are tons of space and deals to be had. They’ve got big screens for the football on all 3 floors and a recently revamped outdoor area too. Book online to avoid disappointment.

The Castle Tavern – they’ve recently expanded their garden space, so there’s a lot more room these days! Get on to their website to book your space but be sure to say you need something close to the TVs as they aren’t visible from all tables.

Chieftain Hotel – A cracking pub to watch the footie in. They’ve expanded their garden facilities and they’ve got 2 bars and even some pool tables for half time. A good choice! Call 01463 232241 to book.

Corriegarth Hotel – Their back bar has more TVs than you can wave a referee at! Loads of space and plenty of choice on the menu for an afternoon/evening of football. Call 01463 224411 or drop them a Facebook message to book.

Gellions Bar – The oldest bar in Inverness is a great place to watch the football. Send them a PM on Facebook to book, or they do accept walk-ins.

The Heathmount Hotel – If it’s a nice day, hit their patio for the football, if not, the bar will do just nicely. They don’t do bookings, so it’s first-come, first-served!

Innes Bar – Another classic Inverness watering hole that has taken the chance during lockdown to upgrade their garden facilities. Well worth some midweek manoeuvres. Contact them online for bookings.

Lauders Bar – If a sports bar could go to a sports bar, they’d go top Lauders. Tellys galore and plenty of choice at the bar, what more do you want? There’s no garden, but the puggy is pretty reliable.

MacCallums Bar – Always a place for a great night after a big win! First come, first served here as well. You can book online or they’ll try and fit you in.

Platform 8 – a very popular sports bar. They show everything going, sports-wise, and a perfectly set up for a tournament of this magnitude. No pub garden, but a very decent choice for a match or two! You can book online or just turn up and take your chances.

R&B – The karaoke specialists are back in business with a great menu on the go. Book online to avoid having to go elsewhere. 

There is plenty of venues to choose from for Euro 2020, so if you are travelling to the pub, leave the car at home and trust Inverness Taxis to get you there in time for kick-off! Call 01463222222 to book your cab in Inverness or download the Inverness Taxis app now!

What channel are Euro 2020 games on? 

The BBC and ITV are broadcasting all the matches, so it’s perfectly doable to watch the whole lot from the comfort of your own home! Don’t miss a kick of the ball and get your food and drink delivered to your door with getzz.

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