Uber Scotland Vs Taxi Services Inverness – What’s The Difference?

Ridesharing services like Uber have disrupted taxi markets in many countries around the world and it’s nothing different in Scotland. In 2019, Uber has a footprint in most major and mid-sized cities in the country such as Inverness. But while Uber has been gaining market share over the years, taxi services Inverness are still holding their ground as a common transportation service in and around cities.

While both services charge based on time and distance traveled, Uber Scotland and taxi services have noticeable differences that might motivate some consumers to choose one over the other. 

So, what’s the difference between Uber Scotland and taxi services, and which offers better service?

Uber vs. Taxi: What’s the Difference?

While taxi services have been on the streets since the late 1800s, Uber quickly began taking over a share of the car-service market after its launch in 2010, followed by competitors the years after.

In Inverness, taxi services (most especially from the leading taxi company IT Taxis) have long been the transportation of choice for locals and tourists. However, with apps like Uber disrupting the space, consumers have more choices than ever to get where they need to go.

Inverness Taxis is the Leading taxi company in Inverness City with over 50 years of serving locals and tourists.

While Uber Scotland is rapidly increasing in number, taxi services still remain to be useful in the transport industry with hundreds of thousands of people coming in Inverness ever month. Therefore, even if Uber is getting its fair share of loyal customers, for-hire vehicles are still seeing an increase in profits and customer retention from 2017.

Both taxi services and Uber create rates depending on time and distance traveled but Uber has a slightly more predictable pricing model, hence offering passengers an estimated total cost. But taxi companies have also launched their own apps like the IT Taxis cab services app. Early bookers of taxi services can already get an idea of how much they are supposed to pay.

Additionally, one of the major differences between Uber and taxis is how they price rides. Taxi services take into consideration the speed and flow of traffic while Uber doesn’t. 

Uber Scotland vs. Taxi Services Inverness: Safety

One of the biggest concerns for consumers when using any transport service is safety. And with the media coverage of safety incidents over the years, it’s a valid question. 

But, which service has a better safety measures? 

Despite being famous among passengers, many are concerned over their safety when riding Uber because of all the negative news about crimes that involved Uber drivers.

Uber Scotland

Uber has attracted several accusations of unsafe, criminal activities by its drivers. And this is true anywhere in the world, not just in the country. In fact, just last October 2019 in the UK, an Uber driver reportedly sexually harassed his passenger and that there was 3045 total of sexual assaults that took place.

Still, Uber has recently taken initiatives to increase safety on the app, announcing new features like Trusted Contacts, which allows users to share their ride details with up to five friends or family members. Additionally, other features include police Assistance, which connects riders with police services.

Uber has also proposed to annually run criminal and motor vehicle checks, even if that is more than what’s legally required. And, the app claims to be investing in new technology to investigate new criminal offenses as well. 

In addition to new measures, Uber has a multi-step screening process for its drivers – including their Social Security information, driver’s license, insurance and car registration – all of which are run through private background-check firms. However, requirements for registration and regulations vary depending on the country for Uber – with different countries having different processes for their drivers. 

Taxi Services Inverness

Concerns over the safety of taxi rides are certainly nothing new.

While both taxi drivers and Uber drivers must pass a background check before being able to drive, background checks for taxis vary depending on the city – in terms of their scope – and the taxi company. 

In IT Taxis, we make sure that our drivers are with good morals and professionally handle their passengers at all times they are out for service. To ensure the safety of our clients, we also agree to let them have an overview of their diver’s information when they book through the app.

Uber vs. Taxi: Cost

Uber and taxi alike have some similar metrics for determining the price – including distance and time. But how do the services charge you differently, and is one more cost-effective than the other?

Uber Scotland

One major difference between the way Uber and taxis charge customers is that Uber don’t charge based on moving or stop-and-go traffic, while taxis do. However, Uber does charge surge rates (for times of day or night that have a higher volume of traffic or cars on the road), especially during rush hours.

Here are the rates of Uber services here in Scotland:


  • Base fare: GBP1.5
  • Cost per min: GBP0.1
  • Cost per mile: GBP1.1
  • Minimum charge: GBP3
  • Cancellation fee: GBP4


  • Base fare: GBP1.5
  • Cost per min: GBP0.1
  • Cost per mile: GBP1.1
  • Minimum charge: GBP3
  • Cancellation fee: GBP4


  • Base fare: GBP1.5
  • Cost per min: GBP0.15
  • Cost per mile: GBP1.65
  • Minimum charge: GBP4.5
  • Cancellation fee: GBP5


  • Base fare: GBP2
  • Cost per min: GBP0.2
  • Cost per mile: GBP2
  • Minimum charge: GBP5
  • Cancellation fee: GBP5

Taxi Services Inverness

On the other hand, taxis don’t have different payment tiers. They follow the fare rates set by the city council.

The normal taxi rate for the 20-minute ride from the Inverness Airport to the city center or vice versa is £18 in a 4-pax taxi capacity. It can be more expensive, though, during peak hours in the morning (when people go to work) and the afternoon (when people get off from work). The tariff for the extra time spent during traffic can cost around £20. As for 8-pax capacity taxis, it costs around £25 from Inverness Airport to the City Center and higher during peak hours and weekends.

Overall, the price of an Inverness taxi hire for 4 pax is £4.00 for the first mile while an additional of £1.80 will be charged per extra mile.

On holidays like Good Friday, Easter Monday or May Day, as well as all Saturdays and Sundays of the year there will have a special rate. Taxis carrying 4 passengers will be charged £4.90 for the first mile while an additional of £2.30 will be charged per extra mile. This is almost equivalent to £28 tariff from Inverness Airport to the City Center.

The Boxing Day and the 2nd of January also have a different rate that applies between 6am and midnight. Generally, the price of a hire during these days and time is £6.00 for the first mile plus £2.70 per mile thereafter plus extras. When you are a group of 5, the same rate applies from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Finally, from 6p.m. to 6 a.m. of the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, taxis with 4 passengers charge £6.60 for the first mile plus £3.60 per mile thereafter plus extras. Those that carry 5 passengers will charge you £7.30 for the first mile plus £4.50 per mile thereafter plus extras.

Has Uber Scotland Overtaken Taxi Services Inverness? 

It’s no secret that Uber is everywhere these days – seemingly with a foot in every major city. However, as we mentioned earlier, taxi services are still in demand. They are not yet obsolete. In fact, most taxi companies like IT Taxis using the latest models of cars for transporting our clients. We serve thousands of people per week with most people booking for taxi services from the airport to their hotels while some others take our tour services.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to safety, Uber Scotland and taxi services have relatively comparable protocols. And while prices can vary drastically depending on a variety of factors like distance, traffic flow or time of the day, depending on your city or area, taxis or Uber might be more or less expensive. 

Therefore, before making any decision, make sure to do your research in your area on which car ride is best to take. Don’t forget about the price in the time of day you’re hailing your ride, how many passengers you have or the neighborhood in which you’re searching for a ride. 

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